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Mangkang Zoo Semarang Alternative Tourism

Are you bored with tourist spot ? Why are you not visit Semarang Wildlife Park at the western the city of Semarang. The place is also commonly referred to Mangkang Zoo may not yet widely known. By coming to it, there are many types of animals that can be witnessed. In addition there are also various games facilities that can be enjoyed.

The zoo is situated on the border of Semarang-Kendal. The place opened in February 2007 was built to replace the zoo Tinjomoyo Semarang who are considered no longer representative. With the new location is expected to further increase the number of visitors because of its access is more easily reached by public transport. Because the zoo is located on the roadside.In this Zoo now has about 150 animals of 40 species. There are snakes, deer, elephants, orangutans, tigers.

Managing a zoo in the near future will also add to the collection of animals. As a Bengal tiger and a pair of lions imported from Zoo Flute Mas Banjarnegara. Head of Mangkang Zoo Kusyanto, said all the animals were placed in an area of ​​9 hectares. "There are placed in cages, some are in open spaces suitable habitat."

Enough with the entrance fee of Rp 1500, - on weekdays and Rp 3000, - in the holidays, our whole family can enjoy a diversity of wildlife species as a manifestation of the creator of wealth. Visitors also can take pictures with the snake and bird. Or simply enjoy the thrill ride elephants with mebayar Rp 5000, -. "There are also other facilities such as Outbound Kids, Mini Train that will take visitors around the zoo, also Pedicab water can be driven in the middle of the lake," he said.

When tired of traveling to see the collection of animals, children can also try the facility Flying Fox, Spider Nets, and so forth. Mangkang Zoo most crowded on Sundays or public holidays. On weekends, the number of visitors could reach 1,000 people per day. While ordinary day as many as 100 people per day. "Most visitors are school children group, 50 percent came from outside the city of Semarang rest", his explained. In the near future, the manager of the Zoo will increase the number of shade trees, reproduce Shelter and expand parking lots for visitors more comfortable.

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